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Our Products

  • Landscape Structures Inc

    Founded in 1971, Landscape Structures Inc is the leading playground manufacturer in the world. The company has pioneered a number of innovative products, processes and safety features. Strong commitment to children of all capabilities. Aslo committed to healthy sustainable communities.

    By Landscape Structures Inc

    The Health Beat™ Outdoor Multi-Generational Fitness System brings the best of the gym to the outdoors. Designed by the Health Beat™ Advisory Council of professionals and experts ranging from Sports Medicine Specialist, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer and Geriatric Pharmacist, the system is effective at providing a range of different types of fitness benefits for both the young and the elderly.

    By Landscape Structures Inc

    12 features distinguish Skatewave™ skateparks from the industry. From the tough Permalene enclosures that reduce noise and keep debris from collecting, to the long-lasting, stay-in-place, vandal-resistant fasteners; every feature is designed for safety, durability, low maintenance and long-term value.

    By Landscape Structures Inc

    • Made in the USA • Environmentally Friendly • 100% Recyclable

    Unlike traditional poured-in-place surfacing, AquaFlex® utilizes an advanced bond-in-place technology where millions of pebbles bond together chemically to create a seamless, UV-stable, highly chlorine-resistant, fade-resistant, durable and resilient surface that is unparalleled in withstanding the demands of weather extremes and active use. And it retains its bright, beautiful look for years with no change in elasticity and no visible change in colour or gloss.

  • Victor Stanley Inc

    Victor Stanley Inc is a leading manufacturer of site furnishings in the United States since 1962. They design and manufacture benches, litter receptacles, bike racks, bollards, planters, tables and more; using recycled steel, cast ductile iron, recycled plastic and sustainable species of wood. They are renowned for their product durability, quality and visual appeal.

  • Freenotes Harmony Park

    Life-long musician and Grammy award winner, Richard Cooke creates a new kind of music through a unique line of outdoor instruments. His ensembles include a variety of percussion instruments that make playing music easy for all. The beauty in Cooke’s designs create high quality tones that meld into beautiful songs. Freenote’s Harmony Park uses harmony-based scales so the notes played on different instruments will blend together effortlessly. Freenotes are built to maintain pure and soothing tones through years of rigorous play and exposure to the elements of nature. Freenotes are perfect for musical beginners and experts alike. The sculptural elegance and flowing lines are a fine addition to either a sophisticated landscape or urban outdoor setting.

  • Kotobuki

    Founded in 1916, Kotobuki manufactures a wide range of quality functional and aesthetically pleasing urban Townscape Products.

  • Water Odyssey

    Water Odyssey by Fountain People is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of equipment and systems for architectural and interactive water features that come with the toughest, most lasting finish in the industry.

    Fountain People design personnel work with Architects, Landscape Architects, Aquatic Consultants, and Entertainment Companies around the world to develop the latest in interactive play designs and to actively pursue new innovations and ideas through continuing research and development programmes.

  • PlayTime

    Designed to engage children, their themed soft play areas drive traffic and enhance customers' brands. Thousands of families EXPERIENCE PLAYTIME everyday at shopping centers, restaurants, airports, stadiums, childcare, healthcare centers, recreation centers and museums – any place that kids play.

  • Whitewater

    WhiteWater West is a manufacturing company based in Canada. It was established in 1980 and manufactures a variety of products for water parks. The company also owns Hopkins Rides and Prime Play which manufacture water rides for amusement parks and dry play areas, respectively.

    Prime Play specializes in Family Adventure Parks, Ballocityä, Soft Contained Play, Foam Factory®, Water Rides and Theming.

  • EcoTurf

    EcoTurf is the latest development in the line of safe and versatile surfacing material.

    Using a combination of EPDM polyurethane granules(consisting of highly stabilized inorganic pigments and organic colourants), and recycled black SBR rubber granules, which are held together with a polyurethane binder, EcoTurf is a cost-effective and versatile solution, which allow almost any material(i.e. concrete, asphalt and salt) to be surfaced.

    EcoTurf frees users to explore their creativity, without the previous shortfalls of concrete and asphalt.

    From playgrounds and jogging tracks, to industrial flooring, EcoTurf allow users to create unique and innovative floor designs, which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also durable, fire- and slip-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free.

    EcoTurf is able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use better than normal surfacing materials, thus protecting your investment.

    Colors Available for EcoTurf