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Mobius® Climber w/ Permalene® Handholds

The Mobius® Climber with Permalene® Handholds tests the agility and strength of courageous climbers! Twists and turns in the panels challenge kids to adapt their body position as they climb up to the deck.

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Mobius® Climber w/ Vibe® Handholds

The Mobius® Climber with Vibe® Handhold tests the strength and agility of courageous school-age climbers! Twists and turns in the panels challenge kids to adapt their body position as they climb up to the deck to continue their play.

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Mobius® Climber w/ SteelX® Handholds

The Mobius® Climber with SteelX® Handholds challenges, build strength and test agility of courageous climbers! Twists and turns in the anodized aluminum panels challenge kids to adapt their body position as they climb up to the deck.

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Vine Climber

Achieve the highest height on the PlayBooster® Vine Climber. Climb on the steel frame for sure footing or navigate the cables for more challenge on the way up and down. GripX steps at the six-foot level provide a perch to take in the view. For added fun, move across the wiggly SwiggleKnots™ Bridge integrated below.

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Tidal Wave Climber

Surf the wave! The Tidal Wave Climber provides over and under play with a variety of materials for different challenges. The upper belting and cables form a wavy, wiggly bridge, and the lower belting is a great spot to crawl through or hang out and watch the action.

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Smart Play® Summit

Pack up your sense of adventure and get ready to scale the Smart Play® Summit™! Kids ages 5 to 12 will find multiple ways to climb this faceted mountaintop while encountering plenty of wild surprises along the way.

A gradation of cool colors matches the ascent, culminating in a peak of icy Pebble. Kids of all abilities can reach the top deck using the new Switchback Climber’s multilevel belting path. Then everyone can celebrate with a turn at the telescope. Alpinists are encouraged to search for hidden animal tracks and camping gear as they trek across variously angled slopes, like the laser-cut climbing decks and the three-dimensional nets of the Zenith® Climber.

Bring the mountains to your play area with this condensed-footprint, giant play-value playstructure that welcomes a whole crowd of climbers at once.

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ReviWheel™ Spinner

The ReviWheel™ Spinner includes a grab wheel in the center so kids can spin themselves around and around. This piece was designed with inclusion in mind with space for one or many kids riding in various positions. ReviWheel’s sculptural form adds an eye-catching flair to any play experience.

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ReviRock™ Bouncer

The ReviRock™ Bouncer provides bouncy, rocking fun to children of all abilities. There’s plenty of room for kids to lay down, sit, kneel, or stand as they experiment with the motion. ReviRock’s sculptural form adds an eye-catching flair to any play experience.

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ReviWhirl™ Spinner

The ReviWhirl Spinner is an adventure in physics offering spinning through perpetual motion or a push from the outside. We’ve designed this piece with inclusion in mind with space for one or many kids riding in various positions. ReviWhirl’s sculptural form adds an eye-catching flair to any play experience.

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Symbol Communication Sign

Pictures and symbols are an effective way for non-verbal, speech-challenged, and early-learning individuals to communicate with friends and caregivers. Placing a Symbol Communication Sign at the entrance to a play area ensures that everyone can express themselves!

Developed with guidance from experts in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Inclusive Design, Karen B. Haines and Ingrid M. Kanics, Landscape Structures’ Symbol Communication Sign includes pictures representing nouns/pronouns, verbs, feelings, activities, and playground events as well as letters and numbers. While many different symbol sets are used across the AAC industry, the symbols created by LSI designers are universally understandable and easy to use. The graphics are simple and two-dimensional, which is helpful to those with visual processing challenges. They are arranged left-to-right as one would build a sentence with industry-standard colors representing different types of words. Additionally, symbols are placed on a black background to be easier to read for those with visual impairments. And because it’s manufactured using proprietary DigiFuse® technology, the graphics will look great over the life of the play area.

Add a Symbol Communication Sign to your playspace for more inclusive fun!

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Quantis® A.2

Angular and sculptural, Quantis® A.2 beckons kids ages 5 to 12 with its open format playscape and intriguing challenges that defy expectations. Here you’ll find dynamic play packaged in a compact geometric design that’s perfect for pocket parks or any small footprint area.

A strategic belt bridge creates universal access by connecting two access points, each one at a different height. Kids can head to the Oodle® seat at the structure’s core, navigate across the Swiggle Stix® Bridge or tackle the overhead netting and molecular-style belting that offers built-in hand- and foot-holds. A compelling tubular arch encourages players to flex their climbing skills as they maneuver over, under, across and up through naturally occurring geometric shapes on their way to the cool hangout spot above. As payoff for reaching the top, a gently curving glider brings them back down where the adventures begin anew.

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Quantis® A.3

The Quantis® A.3 combines several types of activities in its compact design. A solid-rung climbing experience is found in one arch of the climber, while those that want more of a challenge can use the flexible cable and belt climber found in the other arch. Additionally, there is a cable and rung ladder, Swiggle Stix® Bridge, Oodle® seat and a comfortable transfer point on either end of the lower belt path ensuring that those who can leave their mobility devices have access to other play areas of the climber.

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Smart Play® Sprig™

Introduce budding climbers to the just-right heights of Smart Play® Sprig™. Kids ages 2 to 5 can discover a variety of ways to flex emerging skills while exploring this new-growth playstructure.

With a color palette as fresh as spring, this whimsical structure looks like it’s sprouting from the earth. A foliage-themed Marble Panel® engages the senses at ground level. Above, a leaf slider delights as little ones navigate the bridge beneath a canopy of SkyWays® shade fabric. Tots can step or crawl across leafy pods, slide flower blossoms back and forth, or whoosh down one of two slides to ring the chimes at the bottom. Pair Sprig with the matching 5 to 12-year-old playstructure, Tree Tops™, and you’ll create an entire forest of play.

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HealthBeat Circuit™

HealthBeat Circuit was thoughtfully designed for all ages and abilities to exercise in a community setting, making the benefits of a fitness facility free and accessible to everyone.

Fitness equipment for strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility training engaging all muscle groups are all covered by integrated shade to provide protection from the sun while exercising. An included Welcome Sign features a library of movements with a scannable code linking to instruction videos on

Resistance bands in the FitKit, available for purchase at, attach to 32 different locations on HealthBeat Circuit at ankle, waist, and shoulder height to add more exercise options.

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Smart Play® Breeze

Kids ages 2 to 5 will discover activities that invite tactile curiosity and encourage early learning. Smart Play® Breeze™ includes bouncy belting featuring wind-swept cutouts to provide safe passage between the basket and two slides, encouraging kids of all abilities to soar. Chat between the brightly colored pinwheel Talk Tubes, then take off in the puffy balloon topped by SkyWays® shade fabric. Accentuate this imaginative atmosphere with the soft tones and brightly saturated hues in our pre-colored palette or choose one that best fits your environment.

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