Site Furnishings

American made site furnishings that are attractive and built to last

Site furnishings and playground accessories to ensure the project is complete

We offer product lines that complete the project. We are not only experts in creating innovative, long-lasting play environments, we have also worked for over 25 years with the industry’s leading site furnishing manufacturers. We are proud to offer attractive, durable and environmentally friendly site furnishing solutions, ranging from benches to planters, to picnic tables to trash receptacles.

Landscape Structures

Site amenities from Landscape Structures such as benches and picnic tables provide a comfortable and attractive place for parents and neighbors to gather. These high-quality site furnishings pull together the elements of your park or playground to combine durability, comfort and design excellence. Check out the new Log Bench for an example of Landscape Structures’ nature-inspired product offerings. Landscape Structures’ site furnishing products feature recycled content, and as a company, they continue to seek new ways of infusing sustainable design practices into the creation of their site furnishing offerings.